Receivers / Managers

We have worked for a number of Receivers/Managers over the past few years, including:

  • BDO;
  • Bentley's Corporate Recovery;
  • BRI Ferrier (Brisbane and Townsville);
  • FTI Consulting;
  • Grant Thornton Australia;
  • KPMG Advisory;
  • Korda Mentha;
  • Rodgers Reidy;
  • Taylor Woodings; and
  • Vincent's Insolvency and Reconstruction.

The range of distressed assets that we have worked on for these Receivers/Managers include:

  • Englobo land parcels (residential and industrial);
  • Holiday resorts;
  • Medium-density development sites;
  • Motels;
  • Partially-completed land subdivisions;
  • Prestige residential property;
  • Student accommodation projects;
  • Major centre commercial premises;
  • Suburban commercial premises;
  • Suburban retail premises; and
  • Undeveloped land subdivisions.

The services we provide vary according to the type of property concerned and the circumstances facing the Receiver/Manager. In broad terms, we provide advice and direction as to the most cost-effective way of disposing of the asset. Our research often covers:

  • Assessment of market demand for the premises “as is”;
  • Review of market competition for similar premises;
  • To investigate any potential re-use/reconfiguration of the premises;
  • To assess any rezoning possibilities for the site;
  • An overview of what prices are being achieved for the sale of similar premises and the likely market interest in the site;
  • An assessment of the most viable method of disposal;
  • Review of competing projects and what prices/rents are being achieved;
  • Whether the site should be disposed of as vacant possession or with tenants; and
  • Identification of likely buyers.