State and Local Governments

In addition to the project-specific nature of many of our services, we also undertake broader strategic research reports into such areas as housing affordability, long-term dwelling demand, and future population and household characteristics of an area.

For example, Broad Property Research & Advisory Pty Ltd was commissioned by Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants to undertake a housing market and demographic analysis as part of the Mackay Regional Sustainability Strategy (MRSS). The scope of works included investigation of current demographic and housing trends to identify demand for, and any shift towards, smaller dwelling types in Mackay over the past ten years.

As a result of the quality of our initial research, we were subsequently commissioned to undertake a residential population and growth analysis of Mackay in order to understand trends in growth in the region across cycles of boom and decline, and to investigate trends for industrial land supply and demand in the Mackay region.

We have also undertaken work for various Queensland Government Departments, a number of Local Government Authorities, and the former Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA).