Private land owners / Deceased estates

Over the years we have assisted many private land owners with strategic advice regarding the development potential of their holdings. Many families have sought our advice regarding what to do with family estates – particularly farms – once the parents have retired or passed away. Many such land holdings are strategically-situated and have tremendous potential for residential, commercial, or industrial development.

For example, we recently completed a Needs Assessment Report to assist a farming family to have their land included in the urban footprint for Emerald. Our report investigated the suitability of their land for a range of residential uses, including an indication of the range of product types and densities (including standard lots, small-lot housing, medium-density dwellings, short-term and/or worker accommodation and retirement product) that could be delivered on the subject land and the ability to address affordability issues via the suggested product mix.

Our approach was to assess and analyse population growth forecasts, demographic trends, current land supply, and existing and proposed developments to show that there was a demonstrated need for the subject land to be included in the urban footprint.

In many cases we prepare a Project Positioning Report that provides advice and direction as to the type of residential product best suited to the area's prevailing population and demographic characteristics and the site's locational attributes. Project Positioning helps drive the future planning of a project and is also often used in discussions with financial institutions/valuers/joint venture partners and government agencies. Extracts can also be used in information memorandums to help sell the site or end product.