We work for many financial institutions and mezzanine financiers keen to obtain an independent assessment of a client’s development proposal. In many cases we prepare a Project Positioning Report that assesses whether the client’s proposal best suits the area's prevailing population and demographic characteristics and the site's locational attributes, and estimates the market potential of the project. We examine competing projects, assess the depth of the market for the relevant product types and pricing, and determine likely rates of sale.

On many occasions we have provided a market appraisal of assets owned by underperforming or “watch list” clients in order to determine work-out scenarios in lieu of appointing Receivers/Managers or otherwise identifying exit strategies for distressed assets. In broad terms, we provide advice and direction as to the most cost-effective way of disposing of the asset. Our research often covers:

  • Assessment of market demand for the premises “as is”;
  • Review of market competition for similar premises;
  • To investigate any potential re-use/reconfiguration of the premises;
  • To assess any rezoning possibilities for the site;
  • An overview of what prices are being achieved for the sale of similar premises and the likely market interest in the site;
  • An assessment of the most viable method of disposal;
  • Review of competing projects and what prices/rents are being achieved;
  • Whether the site should be disposed of as vacant possession or with tenants; and
  • Identification of likely buyers.