Project Marketers

Our Market Overview Reports are a useful tool to assist with the sales and marketing of a project and provides an overview of the key drivers of the relevant market (population growth, demographics, employment, infrastructure); the reasons why the site is an appropriate place in which to invest; and key selling features of the project. Such a report has the following aims:

  • To educate potential buyers and investors about the area and the project;
  • To provide a level of comfort for potential investors about the appropriateness of the proposed project for the location, as well as its “value-for-money” offering;
  • To provide a level of comfort for intending buyers and their financiers/valuers about the long-term growth prospects of the area; and
  • To provide a range of useful data for inclusion in marketing material (such as our 2-page Marketing Summaries (download)), media releases, quotes on websites etc.

We also deliver presentations for our clients, usually to buyers and/or agents at the launch of a project and over subsequent weeks. Our approach is to speak for about 20 minutes about the state of the market then focus on the key competitive advantages of the project, followed by a question-and-answer session.

Broad Property Research & Advisory Pty Ltd has extensive market testing capabilities, which include questionnaires, focus groups and face-to-face meetings with potential buyers and end-users. Our market testing services aim to ensure that our clients’ projects meet the market’s expectations and thus achieve price premiums and sales targets.

An important element of this can include

following up non-buyers

to ascertain the reasons behind their decision not to purchase. Such information is often more useful than feedback from people who did buy, and can help identify shortcomings with marketing material, the sales team, and/or how your project compares to its competitors.

One of our strengths in the qualitative research field is that we source the right people for our focus groups. We only do property-related focus groups; not shampoo one night, cookware the next night and your project after that. Our expertise in the residential property industry means we understand the importance of follow-up questions and how and when to ask the “right” questions.

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