About Us

Broad Property Research & Advisory Pty Ltd (BPRA) is an independent research firm providing strategic advice and problem-solving for development projects as well as undertaking pertinent research across the residential, commercial and industrial property sectors.

Our clients include private landholders, developers, project marketers, Councils, State Government agencies, not-for-profit and charitable organizations, mining companies, financial institutions, and Receivers/Managers of distressed assets.

We have a range of services to assist developers from the planning/feasibility stage through product design, pricing, identification of target markets, competitor analysis, rental appraisals, sales and marketing support, and valuation/settlement support. We also deliver presentations for our clients, usually to buyers and/or agents at the launch of a project.

We work on all aspects of the residential property market including:

  • House and land estates;
  • Prestige residential property;
  • Apartment projects;
  • Townhouses;
  • Student accommodation;
  • Worker accommodation;
  • Retirement and aged-care product;
  • Golf estates; and
  • Holiday/tourist resorts.

The range of commercial and industrial projects/assets that we have worked on include:

  • Englobo land parcels;
  • Development sites;
  • Hotels/Motels;
  • Undeveloped or partially-completed subdivisions;
  • Major centre commercial premises;
  • Suburban commercial premises; and
  • Suburban retail premises.

If you need to position a project, assess future dwelling demand in an area, obtain area demographics, estimate the market potential of your site or project, investigate your competitors, define target markets (buyers, end users), maximize price, assess rents, determine likely rates of sale/uptake, or simply get a feel for a particular area, then you have come to the right place.

Broad Property Research & Advisory Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane and we regularly work interstate and in regional areas. We have also worked in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and China.